we already have the 4 finalists!
Meet the Finalists

A new accelerator

for innovation ✺

in Ophthalmology

and Hepatocellular                  Carcinoma

We aim to catalyze groundbreaking advancements in the fields around ophthalmology and Hepatocellular Carcinoma through a specialized accelerator program offering resources and support to startups and hospital projects working in these crucial areas of healthcare.


The Ophthalmology Accelerator Program is dedicated to fostering innovation in the field of ophthalmology, with a strong emphasis on advancing technologies and solutions that enhance vision care, eye disease diagnosis, treatment, and overall patient well-being. This program is designed to provide essential support and resources to startups focused on ophthalmic innovations.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

The Hepatocellular Carcinoma Accelerator Program aims to foster innovation in cancer care, focusing on speeding up the development of impactful solutions in prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and patient care. It provides a supportive environment for startups and hospital projects developing advanced cancer-related technologies and therapies.




per program


deep-dive weeks 
throughout the program

What’s in it 
for you

Mentorship and Guidance

Participate in one-to-one sessions with mentors and experts in the industry who can provide valuable insights, help navigate challenges, and make strategic decisions.

Networking Opportunities

In Púlsar by Roche we bring together startups, hospitals, investors, industry experts, and potential partners in order to create community that can lead to collaborations, partnerships and investment opportunities.

Workshops and Expert Sessions

Engage in periodic workshops provided by industry experts around relevant topics from the medical and business perspective that will help you scale your company.

Pilot and Collaboration Opportunities

Our pilot-driven approach will boost collaboration opportunities with leading players in the Spanish health ecosystem to test and potentially implement your solution to improve patients' lives.

Clinical Validation

Get access to clinical trials and collaboration with established healthcare institutions can help validate your solutions and accelerate the path to regulatory approval.

Peer Support

Build relationships with fellow founders going through similar challenges that can provide feedback, guidance, and support.

Regulatory Guidance

Benefit from assistance in navigating complex regulatory requirements, ensuring that they can bring their innovations to market compliantly and efficiently.

Increased Visibility

Being part of a reputable accelerator program can enhance a startup's visibility and credibility, making it more attractive to investors, customers, and potential partners.
Applications Open
Opening the gates to innovative minds, we invite aspiring pioneers to submit their applications.
Deadline for Applications
Mark your calendars! We close the opportunity window and begin our journey to innovation.
MARCH 2024
Selection Day
Embarking on a quest to discover the most promising projects, the best projects will be invited to present in-person in Madrid.
APRIL 2024
Introduction Week
Welcome to the beginning of a transformative journey! This week is all about aligning visions and setting the stage for innovation.
APRIL 2024
Diving deep into development, our startups experience a rigorous but rewarding journey of growth and discovery.
Closing Week
Reflecting on the adventures and learning, we close the chapter with newfound knowledge and strengthened bonds, ready for the next journey.
JUNE 2024


We already have the 4 finalists of the first edition of Púlsar by Roche!

The Telefónica Building on Gran Vía in Madrid hosted the Pitch Day of the first edition of Púlsar by Roche. During the day, which brought together about thirty people, a total of eight startups presented their projects to a jury composed of representatives from Roche, Wayra, and the Clinical Hospital San Carlos de Madrid.


Applications opening soon for our 2024 program!

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